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Q&A with Gema Realty Group

We are so excited about our newest listing, that we interviewed our listing agent, Gema Shuster of Gema Realty Group. Gema is one of our most creative agents. We always love what she does with the place.

Q: So we were really impressed with your latest listing in Highland Village. What are some of the staging tips you did to make it pop like this?

A: The staging ended up being so important for this house. I used inexpensive solutions that made a big impact. Pop up tables, pop up mattresses, rugs and plants make a dramatic difference. 

Q: Where did you get your staging skills?

A: As former school teacher, I began one summer helping local realtors stage homes because of my passion for design. I noticed the impact it had and how quickly staged homes sold. Sometimes listings that were sitting for a period of time, sold immediately once they were staged.

I was so impressed by this, I decided to become a Realtor who stages. Of all the things you can do to get your house ready to sell, I find that staging has the most impact, and for the least amount of money. I love offering this benefit to my clients. Staging to Sell

Q: Can you expand a little more on your staging techniques, and what does it cost?

A:  I can work with just about any budget very easily, and often times, I'll do the job at no cost to my client. I actually bring my own staging items. Some of my favorites in my toolbox are mirrors, vases, succulents, hand soaps, candles, mantle decor pieces, wooden boards, rugs, artwork, white linens, and fun trinkets I pick up along the way.

I love treating objects, and where they go, with kindness and purpose. It’s very rewarding. 

Q:  Yes, we can see that you have a passion for your job. Can you give us your top tips?  

A: Go with a neutral pallet if you can. Generally with 3 colors. My signature marketing colors are white (paint and pops of white decor), browns (woods floors, wood boards) and green (plants) usually pair well with any decor. Use lots of texture, wood, metal, and neutral fabrics.  

White: My top secret paint color is Pure White by Sherwin Williams, not be confused with builder white! It is its own color--it doesn’t read yellow and matches well with most lighting. I'd say it is a warm white with hints of gray in some rooms. Photographs beautifully. 

Staging to Sell

Another way to add white is by using affordable white linens for beds, white or neutral pillow covers, fresh white sheets and fresh white duvets. Amazon offers inexpensive, comfortable linens--and I also offer shopping for my clients. Mirrors or shiny items make for a nice clean reflection of white light, for instance.

Green: My biggest joy is placing something green at every given opportunity. Preferably real garden cuttings from the house, but succulent fakes can go a long way. Other items in my toolbox are white and clear vases or pottery. Fresh cut herbs are perfect for staging as they last a long time in water and will also root.  

Kitchen Staging

Brown: Decorating with wood completes and adds that extra special something. Wood is grounding. Must have's are wood cutting boards, trays, bowls and decorative items. For example, a nice wooden charcuterie board leaning against a back splash helps to break it up and gives the eye somewhere to go.

Imagine a wood stand with hand soap and fresh plant sprigs next to a sink. Or a wood stand by a stove with olive oil, fresh sprigs plants and crunchy salt in a wood saucer.

Q: Amazing visual! Anything else?

A: Update the little things including lighting for a fresh and modern look. You can find alternative affordable lighting online or run into your favorite lighting store, Lowes or even Home Depot.

To sum it up, remember the 3 colors--white, green, and natural browns. They are earthy and evoke an emotion of comfort and ease. It's very subtle, and buyers love it. So much so that well staged homes typically sell even faster than others on the block--and usually for more money.

Neutral Colors always win.

More Staging Tips

Follow our blog to learn more about staging your home. To reach Gema, or to see this beautifully staged home for sale in Highland Village, go to 3055 Mayfair Ln, Highland Village, TX 75077 or contact us.



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