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Keller, TX is a city in Tarrant County. As one of the top places to reside in, in Texas, this city is listed in the Dallas Morning News’ “Top 10 Neighborhoods Overall”. The suburb of Fort Worth, Keller, is a fast growing, wealthy suburbia that has a fifty seven percent population increase from 2000 to 2015. The current population is around fifty thousand residents. Considering the city’s growth, Keller ISD still maintains a seventeen to one student teacher ratio and consists of highly rates schools. Keller ISD also has a natatorium that is open to the public and is a favorite past time to children and adults alike.


The people of Keller are very kind and respectful neighbors. This is a quiet and peaceful city with a minimalist suburban experience. Most of the residents are the owner of their homes and are friendly and welcoming. This is a very family focused city and the residents tend to lean on the conservative side. If you have children, they will find friends quickly and can ride their bikes around the neighborhood and to the ponds in the parks without you having to worry about their safety.

Keller features three hundred and thirty-five acres of developed park land and a hundred and ninety-two acre sports park that includes baseball, indoor and outdoor soccer, and volleyball. The city also has an eighty-seven thousand, nine hundred and forty square foot multi-purpose recreational facility with a pool, gym, basketball court, and meeting rooms called The Keller Pointe. The city is also adorned with twenty-four miles of nature trails. Keller has a town center that has restaurants, stores, and apartments.

Feeling like an old western settlement, another notable aspect of this city is Old Town Keller on Main Street; which is the historical shopping district of Keller. Positioned along the roads of FM 1709 and Highway 377 to the north and North Tarrant Pkwy and Highway 377 to the south, Old Town Keller gives the experience of a charismatic, rural community dining and shopping ambiance. This blast from the past is filled with hidden gems, such as a quaint path behind the west side of the buildings for a peaceful stroll down memory lane.

A recent development of Old Town is that the City has produced a plan, The Old Town Keller Revitalization Plan, to reintegrate Old Town Keller in multiple phases into the city’s commercial markets, while making sure to preserve the location’s one-of-a-kind, charming character.

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